Japan Chain Association
AddressTaiyo Seimei Shinagawa Building,2-16-2
Konan Minato-ku Tokyo 108-0075 Japan
TEL: 03-5769-2137
FAX: 03-5769-2137
Date Founded and Background
May, 1960
Founded as a voluntary association for the sound development of the roller chain manufacturing industry and the contribution to amicable relations.
Number of Members, Composition, and World Market Share
Members: 11 Companies (3 listed companies, 8 unlisted companies) Market Share: 94%
Budget20 Million Yen/Year
Chairman    Isamu Osa     Chairman of Tsubakimoto Chain Co.,Ltd.
Vice-Chairman    Kozo Araya    Chairman of Daido Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Office Manager    Hiroki Takeda
Previous Chairmen
Name    Position    Years in Office
Riichi Omura    President, Tsubakimoto Chain Co., Ltd.    1960-1978
Kenji Miyanishi    Managing Director, Tsubakimoto Chain Co, Ltd.    1978-1991
Masaji Harimoto    Managing Director, Tsubakimoto Chain Co, Ltd.    1991-1999
Takashi Fukunaga    President, Tsubakimoto Chain Co, Ltd.    1999-2005
Tatsuhiko Mimoto    President‚ Tsubakimoto Chain Co.‚Ltd.    2005-2008
Takashi Fukunaga    Chairman‚ Tsubakimoto Chain Co.‚Ltd.    2008-2009
Business Activities (Management Policy)
1. Future Goals
Member companies work constantly to develop new technologies and break ground in new markets to be global companies that lead the global chain industry.
2. Social Responsibility
The number one requirement for a company's existence is to earn a modest profit, but as a good company and as good citizens, we maintain an awareness of our responsibilities to society at all times and maintain good relations with society.
3. Product Liability
Quality is important to us. We have a product liability promotion system in place throughout our company to manufacture and provide safe products.
4. Activities of the Board of Directors, Committees and Branch Committees
Our board of directors, committees (management, engineering, trade, standardization, PL), and branch committees (Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyushu) are operated soundly. We dismiss with formality and seek to achieve concrete development , working diligently to bear fruits in our efforts.
Important Items in Fiscal 2020
To advance the status and prosperity of industry, we will promptly respond to needs of the new generation and further promote accomplishments in our fipaying close attention to changes in international rules, robotics, IoT, and the like.

ChairmanTsubakimoto Chain Co., Ltd.ChairmanIsamu Osa
Vice-chairmanDaido Kogyo Co., Ltd.ChairmanKozo Araya
DirectorIzumi Chain Mfg Co., Ltd.PresidentKazuyuki Higashino
DirectorTsubaki Yamakyu Chain Co.PresidentKen Omori
DirectorSENQCIA CORPRATIONPresidentNobuyasu Kasahara
DirectorRK JAPAN CO., Ltd.DirectorYasunori Harashima
DirectorSugiyama Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.PresidentYuichi Sugiyama
DirectorEnuma Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.PresidentRyukichi Sato
DirectorKaga Kogyo Co., Ltd.PresidentYasunori Tsuchiguro
DirectorOriental Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.DirectorToshiaki Ishio
DirectorPluton Chain Co., Inc.PresidentHaruhiko Yoshikawa
AuditorTsubaki Yamakyu Chain Co.PresidentKen Omori
AuditorRK JAPAN Co., Ltd.DirectorYasunori Harashima

Standardization Committee
Committee Chairman Hideo Takahashi,Prof.Dr.Eng
(Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kisarazu National College of Technology.)
Engineering Committee
Committee Chairman Takahisa Ando
(Tsubakimoto Chain Co., Ltd.)
Investigation steering Committee
Committee Chairman Tadahiro Otsuki
(Tsubakimoto Chain Co., Ltd.)
Trade Committee
Committee Chairman Hiroshi Torii
(OrientalChain MFG.Co.,Ltd.)
PL Committee
Committee Chairman Ken Omori
(Tsubaki Yamakyu Chain Co.)
Nagoya Branch
Branch Manager Tadao Yabuya
(Nagoya Manager, DAIDO KOGYO Co.,Ltd.)
Osaka Branch
Branch Manager Satoshi Araki
(Manager‚ Tsubakimoto Chain Co.,Ltd.)
Hiroshima Branch
Branch Manager Tsuyoshi Yamashita
(Hiroshima Manager, OrientalChain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Kyushu Branch
Branch Manager Kazuhiro Mizunoue
(Nishinihon Manager‚DAIDO KOGYO CO.‚LTD.)
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